The history of the Borgo Sosio Company has deep roots which are inevitably interwoven with those of the Pollichino family.  Indeed, the current owner belongs to the fourth generation of the Pollichino family which, fleeing the bombing of the Second World War in 1945 of Carini and led by Matteo Passalacqua, purchased the estate between the municipalities of Chiusa Sclafani and Contessa Entellina, a hilly area in western-central Sicily, situated at about 650m above sea-level.  On this land Matteo began producing quality extra-virgin olive oil from centuries old olive trees.

Since 1996, this Company, managed by Angela and Matteo Pollichino, has created a blended range of foodstuffs which will delight the most demanding and refined palates of national and international customers, whilst respecting the age-old Sicilian tradition of olive oil production.  This has been made possible by concentrating on the production and commercialization of olives (for eating) and the excellent DOP Val di Mazara extra virgin olive oil, thanks to the family’s knowledge of cultivation and desire for innovation.

The creation of these blends, encompassing a wide range of tastes, has enabled the Borgo Sosio Company to consolidate its position in the market, and grow nationally and internationally. And thanks to experience matured over decades, the Borgo Sosio Company has increased its product range in line with age-old Sicilian oeno-gastronomic traditions, ranging from characteristic cheeses to renowned wines, not to mention the choicest of offerings from their orchards and vegetable patches.
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