The cheeses produced by the Borgo Sosio Company are an expression of the Sicilian dairy tradition.

Typical cheeses include: Canestro, Caciocavallo and Sicilian Pecorino, all of which certainly share first place in importance.

Canestro, also known as matured Primosale, can have a delicate and fresh taste or decisive and spicy, according to the maturing process.

Caciocavallo is a ‘pulled’ cheese, made from cow’s milk, whose historical origins go back to the arrival of the ancient Greeks in Sicily.

As is the case with Caciocavallo, the making of Sicilian Pecorino cheese goes back to Hellenic times but it differs from Caciocavallo in the type of milk used, that is, sheep’s milk, which gives is a spicy and well-defined taste.
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